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Frequently Asked


Q: How is shave ice different than snow cones?​​​​

A: Snow cones are coarse and crunchy while shave ice is soft, fluffy and snow-like

Q: How many flavors can I choose?

A: You can choose up to 3 flavors from our 19 flavor options

Q: What are the most popular flavor combinations?

​A: Pina colada, Pineapple & Coconut  

    Cotton Candy & Bubblegum

    Lemon, Lime & Pink Lemonade

    Rootbeer & Vanilla

Q: When does your season start and when does it end?

A: We are open year-round and we cater indoor and outdoor events

Q: Is shave ice gluten free?

A: Yes! It is also dairy free, soy free, wheat free and tree nut free

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